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My First Day…

Well, its been quite a ride so far.  Thanks to mommy, Nurse Mindee, and Dr. Anders, all is well.  So while my head was pretty much in the same position for the last four hours of labor, I just didn’t want to come out.  Ultimately, it took Dr. Anders pulling along with mommy pushing to make it happen.  The little circle on my head from the suction by the doctor pulling was gone within an hour.  While Mindee was working with mommy, she apparently lost my heartbeat a few times (three times, according to Nurse Mindee).  At about 4:30 AM, while she was moving mommy onto her side she lost my heartbeat again for about 30 seconds.  Daddy and mommy said they could see the look of panic on Mindee’s face, and just a few moments later Dr. Anders and another nurse came into the room as they were apparently watching on the monitors at the nurse’s station.  That was when Dr. Anders decided I needed to come out one way or another.  Mommy and daddy could see the urgency and concern in the way they were acting.  And to find out, it was my fault?  I thought the umbilical cord was there for me to play with.  And I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to hold onto the cord, so when they saw it in my hands as I came out, I was caught.  If they knew that I wasn’t supposed to hold onto it as it would stop my heartbeat, why wouldn’t they just tell me?  I’d have let it go before that if I knew it was such a problem.

Dr. Anders took control of the situation and was clearly making things happen.  She was getting mommy to push really well, and you could tell she was great at her job.

I whined a bit after coming out, and one of the nurses gave me oxygen thinking that my lungs needed a little help.  I was fine after a few minutes.  Daddy thought it was because I was used to hearing Tigger whine all the time, and that I thought it was just what I was supposed to do.  My Apgar score was 8 and 9 the first couple times.  I was trying for a perfect 10, but hey, I can’t be perfect right off the bat.  I figured I should set the bar low, so I can impress them more later.  Here’s a picture of Nurse Mindee and me:

After all that was said and done, daddy changed my diaper today and I even had the hiccups at one point.  I’m trying my best to rest and catch some sleep, but mommy keeps trying to feed me every few hours.  I’m looking forward to getting some sleep tonight, and another big day tomorrow!

Published by Baby Barrett, on February 10th, 2009 at 10:09 pm.