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Mrs. Fields…

She made me a cookie the other day. It was good, and best yet, it was free! I ate the entire thing all by myself (there was only a small crumb leftover). It was my first Mrs. Fields cookie, and I thought it was noteworthy and wanted to share it with the world that I enjoyed it.

I had my CF Clinic visit at the hospital on Monday, and things went okay there. However, I now know that when somebody comes into the room wearing a gown, it’s never a good thing. I tried clinging to mommy and daddy but to no avail. They did their tests anyway. The Pseudomonas test came back negative, so I don’t have to worry about another round of TOBI right now. In three months they want me to look into beginning the vest therapy. So they gave us reading material to determine which brand we may prefer over others. I weighed 25 pounds, and they were all amazed with my curly hair. After my visit to the hospital on Monday, I had my 15 month pediatrician visit on Tuesday. Things all went well there too.

Published by Baby Barrett, on May 12th, 2010 at 2:32 pm.