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Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

Well, I was just going in for my routine doctor appointment, when mommy’s blood pressure was 160 over 100.  So the doctor made us go to the hospital so I could be induced.  Additionally, while mommy was planning to go without any pain meds, she has to have an epidural as there is concern that her blood pressure will continue to rise.

The doctors and nurses can be so demanding.  They made me do tests all last week, ultrasounds and non-stress tests (NSTs).  When not satisfied, they made me do it again.  Apparently they demand that I move around every 10 minutes, so that my heartbeat goes up.

Here’s a picture of mommy just two weeks ago (she despises it being on the web):

So, while waiting for me in the hospital, mommy and daddy are watching bits of 24, a TV show they will probably never let me watch for another 12 years.  I hope they enjoy it, because soon I’ll be crying and fussing and demanding.  TV for them will be a thing of the past!

Published by Baby Barrett, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:08 pm.