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The Incredible, Edible…Band-Aid?

My first foreign object has been successfully swallowed. I coughed a bit, but I got it down without a problem. Mommy and Daddy weren’t too happy though.

Last week I had a CF appointment at the hospital. A couple of days ago they called daddy to give the results of the tests as always, but this time they said that my white blood cell count was low, and that they wanted to test it again. So yesterday we went to the hospital to draw my blood. Now that we know the secret to use my foot and a small syringe we thought it would go well. It didn’t. They used my foot and were able to get blood, but they called a few hours later to say that it clotted and couldn’t be used. So we went back again today. This time they just pricked my finger and I didn’t even cry. They got the blood they needed and we even waited a few minutes to make sure they got enough and that it didn’t clot. After they confirmed they were good, we left the hospital. However, the phlebotomist (I know, big word for a kid that’s not even 10 months old yet) put a small band-aid on my finger to stop the blood. Mommy and Daddy both said that it was going to come off. But, like the inexperienced parents they are, they left it there. So I proceeded to eat it not 30 minutes later. Mommy shoved her fingers in my mouth and into my throat, but with no success. Daddy was getting his hair cut so he wasn’t able to experience the event first-hand. It’s already on it’s way through my system, and mommy plans to go diaper diving for the next few days to watch for the band-aid. It was just a little button band-aid, so it should have no problem working it’s way through and will be in the diaper soon.

Regarding my white blood cell count, the normal range for neutrophils is between 1,500 – 10,000. Mine was 800 last week and today it was only 400. Anything under 1000 is bad, but under 500 is considered critical, so they called my CF doctor at home to let her know. She called Daddy to explain everything. If I get a fever I’m to go to the hospital immediately so I can get an IV, antibiotics and whatever else I need. The concern is that I don’t have enough white blood cells (neutrophils) to fight off any infections. They are going to test it again on Monday to see if changes (and hopefully goes back up). They said all other tests look normal, so they don’t think it’s leukemia. We will now try to determine if this is a short-term thing, or if it lasts for a longer period of time.

Needless to say, as if the CF isn’t enough because of the effect it will have on my body, neutropenia (the lack of the white blood cells to fight an infection) would be a double whammy.

So, say it with me… “no whammies, no whammies, no whammies, STOP!”

Published by Baby Barrett, on December 5th, 2009 at 6:11 pm.