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4 Months Old…

Well, so it took me a month to get back to writing.  Sorry about that.  Many of you have been asking mommy and daddy what’s up with that, but I’ve just been busy.

As you probably read from my last post, I rolled over, I’ve been to all sorts of appointments and weight checks, I’ve started grabbing everything, and just recently started grabbing things with both hands.  Things such as my Adrian the Alien stuffed spaceship.  Mommy liked the name, so she bought it for me.  I like to hold it in both my hands and inspect it.  I pull on it, and turn it around.  I also have a book that makes a crinkly sound when I touch it.  Each page shows different animals and the sounds they make.  I take it with me when I go for car rides.  I also like to bat at the things that hang from my pack-and-play, and grab at things that are attached to my crib.  I’ve been making a mess on the mirrors in both my crib and my pack-and-play, they have my hand and fist prints all over them.

I’ve been eating solid foods for almost the last month.  I’ve had chicken, chicken and apples, pears, carrots, peas, peaches, banana mixed berry, rice cereal and continue to have my applesauce.  My favorites are the pears and the carrots.  But daddy missed once (he claims that I moved) and the carrots went up my nose.  But Grandpa Gene did the same thing when he visited.  Maybe it’s a problem with my paternal side of the family.  My nose looked orange inside all day.  It was hard to get it all out.  But I’m loving the new food, but its part of the reason I’m busy, as my meals take a little longer now.  The CF clinic has requested butter be added to my baby food for the extra fat.  I’m also up to 1/4 teaspoon of salt a day, because my last test showed I was in the normal range, but at the bottom of that range for my necessary salt levels.  I also get a lot of tummy time now, and I’m starting to enjoy it.  Before I would get tired easy and wouldn’t like to do it, but now, I’m a pro.

For my 4-month old birthday, daddy gave me a Le Mutt.  Brand new, as his is old and pretty much destroyed.  He gave it to me just after midnight, so I had it right away as my birthday started.  I was asleep, but I still managed to find it, pull it onto my chest, swing it around again, then moved it above my head.  It was nice and soft, and fun to play with, even as I was sleeping.  Daddy then came in and moved it to the foot of my bed so I wouldn’t play with it anymore.  He’s doesn’t believe I’m old enough to have a stuffed animal with me in the crib.

My next doctor’s appointment (my 4-month checkup) is tomorrow with my pediatrician.  I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes.  Since I didn’t post in the last month, this next month I’ll have to post extra to make up for it.

I also have a ton of pictures to show everybody, so I look forward to posting them!

Published by Baby Barrett, on June 10th, 2009 at 9:06 pm.