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My Free And Clear Plan (Not Sprint’s)…

On Monday, June 1st, I had my latest CF Clinic appointment. It was okay, but I had to get another throat culture (which they take every time I’m there), and they had to draw blood. I wasn’t happy about either. But my lungs sounded great, my weight is great, and my height is right in line with my weight.

The nurse at the clinic told me that a lot of parents worry about getting the call with the results, as mommy and daddy told her they were. She told them not to worry, as she will call before Wednesday if the results are not good.

On Tuesday, June 9th, daddy got a call at work from the nurse, and of course he panicked since it was only Tuesday. But then the nurse says that the clinic is closed for the rest of the week, so that Tuesday was her Wednesday. Ugh. My test results were normal, and nothing in me needs to be treated, well, besides the CF.

My next CF Clinic visit isn’t until July 20th.

My 4-month visit with the Pediatrician was today, and all was still great.  My lungs still sound great, my height, weight, and head circumference were all normal.  The doctors office is always good to me, they let me go into a conference room in the back, rather than waiting in the waiting room due to the increased risk of getting infected.  They allow me to make visits at 8:30 AM even though the clinic doesn’t open until 9am, just so I don’t have to be near other sick patients.  They have hand sanitizer everywhere throughout the office, and I really like my nurse, Jennifer, and my doctor, Heidi.

Nurse Jennifer has offered to babysit for when mommy and daddy need to get away, but mommy and daddy haven’t let that happen yet.  And both my nurse and doctor have given us their cell phone numbers and their email addresses.

So to wrap things up, my visits verified that my lungs are clear and my body is free of anything bad for me. My “Free and Clear Plan” will hopefully keep me that way through next month. But sadly my plan costs more than a plan from Sprint.

Published by Baby Barrett, on June 11th, 2009 at 8:23 pm.