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I Rolled Over!

I was waiting for tomorrow to write my next post, because that would be 4 months, and my last post was 3 months, but it was such an amazing step, well, roll, that I had to let everyone know. I probably could have rolled awhile ago, but mommy was just so adamant that I roll over today, so I finally did it. I was laying on my stomach, and rolled onto my back. She was working with me all day to help me, but I wanted to wait until I had daddy home to see it.

Daddy finally came home, but was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, so even though I waited for him to get home before doing it, he still missed the first one. He was running quickly to see it while it happened, but he missed it by half a step.

So what does mommy make me do? She makes me do it again, and again. Then daddy told her to stop so I didn’t get tired, but I was actually tired after the first one. So what does mommy do this time? She makes me do it again so she can get it on the video camera. But Lucy (my dog) walked in front of the camera just as I rolled over. So I had to do it YET AGAIN. I was so done with it at this point.

I’m probably not going to do it again unless mommy makes me. She is the one that almost always feeds me though, so maybe I should do what she wants every once in awhile. Maybe someday I’ll roll over from my back to my stomach, but it’ll be on my terms next time.

Published by Baby Barrett, on June 9th, 2009 at 11:15 pm.