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3 Months Old…

Yesterday I turned 3 months old, and I’ve officially graduated out of the “newborn” description, and into the “infant” description. I don’t feel any different. Well, I’m bigger, and I’ll know my weight on Wednesday (I’m hoping for at least 12 pounds). I’m also making more sounds, and sometimes repeating the sound again and again when mommy or daddy repeats it to me. It’s a fun game. I’m swatting at the toys in my pack and play (they have bells in them), and I like to look in the mirror in there too. I’m also getting better at “tummy time” so soon my neck and arms will be as strong as my legs. Well, maybe I do feel different and I don’t even know it. It is amazing how fast I can change.

My 3 month old birthday also fell on Mother’s Day. Daddy took care of me in the morning, and let mommy sleep until 1pm in the afternoon (clearly she was very tired). He then helped me write a sweet letter to mommy, and we went out for lunch to wherever mommy wanted to go (she picked Dairy Delight).

It was a fun day for all of us!

Published by , on May 11th, 2009 at 9:27 pm.