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Not Your Normal Bath…

Suggestions for Mommy:

1. I can understand that I can poop so bad that I need a bath after a diaper change. I really do. But why on Earth would you wrap me naked in your bath robe while getting the bath ready? Did you not expect me to poop all over the robe and get myself dirty all over again?

2. After a bath, when you wrap my naked body up in the towel, the cool air hits me. What does that make me want to do? Yes, I urinate. All over the towel and myself. Kinda defeats the purpose of the bath, right?

Anyway, last Wednesday I had a weight check that put me to 11 pounds. Well, really it was 10 pounds and 15.5 ounces. But .5 ounces gives me the prerogative to round up. I’m in the 25th percentile, which is in a normal range, but I hope to gain more to get closer to the 50th percentile.

I had a CF clinic visit today, and I got a “green light” meaning that I’m currently at low/no risk. My weight was at 11 pounds and 7.2 ounces. They’ve increased my enzyme amount for each meal, and increased the Zantac amount which I get three times daily. Next visit (June 1st) they will do a blood test to make sure I’m getting the correct amount of my vitamins that I take each day, and also checking my salt levels to see if I need more salt each day. Right now mom and dad split it up, but give me between 1/8 – 1/4 tsp of salt each day in my breast milk.

I’m also now having chest physical therapy (CPT) twice daily. The Respiratory Therapist taught us how to do it, but it’s a 15 – 30 minute process, so about an hour a day. It involves percussing on my chest, back and sides hitting all areas of my lungs to break up any mucus that is in there. While they think there is little, if any, in there currently, it doesn’t hurt and it’s something I’ll have to do for the rest of my life. It’s used as a preventative measure to keep me out of the hospital. When I get older, they will give me a vest that I wear that does the same thing, saving the arm strength of having to do manual percussions.

It’s really neat at the CF Clinic, they take us immediately to a room so I don’t get exposed to anything. Once in the room, several nurses visit (check my weight, height, and oxygen levels), then the Social Worker visits, followed by the Clinical Care Nurse, the Respiratory Therapist, the Phlebotomist (the ones that do the lab tests and draw blood), the dietitian, the pharmacist, and the CF Pulmonologist. They don’t always come in the same order, but they are very efficient. Even with efficiency, we are there for at least two hours, sometimes three hours. Today’s visit was three hours long. But we don’t mind, because we learn a lot of good information.

After the positive CF Clinic visit, we went to Babies R Us so we could use up the gift certificates from Ruth, and from Grandpa Gene and Ann. I got another mirror to put in my crib (I already have one in the pack and play, but it’s supposed to be in the car). I also got a few other food utensils and cups for when I’m a little older. The CF dietitian suggested that we look into starting with baby foods, even though I’m a little early for that, she thinks it’ll help with protein and fat (especially the meats). Since I take my applesauce so well, I’m sure I can handle other foods. One criteria is weighing 12 pounds (which I’m almost at) and another criteria is 4 months of age. It’ll be up to my pediatrician to make the decision.

Dad went to a CF Parents Night Out at the hospital last week. A doctor had flown in from Ohio talking about the studies they’ve been doing for 8 years, and how psychology plays a positive role when used with a child with CF. Daddy learned a lot about using psychology in regards to getting me to eat and to eat foods that are beneficial to my health. We’ll just see if all that works on me. I’ll probably out-smart him.

I went to the mall for the first time two weeks ago, Fashion Place Mall. I was covered the entire time, so I wasn’t at much risk of catching anything. That same day I visited daddy’s work. That was the second time. I get more exposure there, but they can’t keep me in a bubble.

Since I’m getting bigger, mommy is putting me in every outfit possible to say I wore them at least once. She’s also trying to take pictures when she can. Speaking of pictures, I’ve got more that need to get on this site. I hope to get them up this week.

And today was another first! I took my Tigger rattle and threw it out of my stroller while in Babies R Us. Mommy picked it up (but wouldn’t give it back). Maybe eventually I’ll start throwing more stuff out, and see what they do. It’s always fun training the parents!

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