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My First Smile…

Friday, April 3rd was my first smile.  I was in the kitchen with dad holding me, and mommy was there too.  Daddy was saying “hello” to me in an elevated tone of voice.  I would smile, then he’d say it again, then I would smile again.  We did this three times in a row.

Later in the day I met my Grandpa Gene.  He likes to think that I was smiling because I knew he was coming to see me for the first time.  I smiled for him several times as well during his trip, and since I had it down, I was doing it for mommy and daddy even more.

While I had moved those muscles in my face starting on my first day out of the womb, and it made a bit of a smile, these were different because there was clear mental association tied with them.  The first smiles are called reflex smiles and can occur starting at birth.  However, the real smiles last longer and you can see the reaction in my eyes as well.  I could see the joy in their faces, so I would do it again and again.  They would say things to me, and I would smile.  Daddy had no chance of catching it on camera though, because he was too busy enjoying it to grab the camera. And by the time he had it, the moment had passed.  I can be difficult.  He’ll need to get the video camera.  Until then, you’ll just have to believe us.

Published by Baby Barrett, on April 5th, 2009 at 4:50 pm.