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Earth 30 Minutes…

We only made it about 30 minutes in the dark through Earth Hour last night, the lights had to be turned back on because I needed to eat.  We’ll hope to make it a full hour next year.

Daddy made a document that we can use daily to keep track of everything including what meds I took and when, as well as the diaper details.  It will be helpful to keep track from day to day, as we forget sometimes an hour later what we did earlier and if I took my enzymes, salt and vitamins.

I’ve been more uncomfortable today, as I assume the enzymes are causing me to have gas.  Mommy and daddy do their best to console me, but we’ll have to call tomorrow to see what can be done or if this is normal.  Since the diagnosis, mom and dad are paranoid about everything.  They worry when I cough as it sometimes sounds like fluid in the lungs, but it is probably nothing about which to worry.  We’re making a list of questions for the CF clinic.

Mommy finally got around to learning how to use daddy’s Blackberry Storm to take pictures, so here’s a long awaited picture of me and daddy:

And here’s a picture of daddy just pondering life as I nap with him:

Published by Baby Barrett, on March 29th, 2009 at 4:36 pm.