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The Beautiful Voice At The Hospital…

Sometimes we get so caught up in all the things that are hard in life, we forget the things that are beautiful. When we first arrived at the Primary Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, we were directed to the lab waiting room. When we arrived, we were greeted with a beautiful voice singing ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. That song was followed by other wonderful Disney songs including ‘Beauty And The Beast’ among others. Daddy was holding me while we were there and would sing along to me, as he is familiar (as scary as that is) with the words to a lot of the songs. The singer was a volunteer, and was either in her late teens or early 20s. It was only my first lab visit, but the time passed very quickly. It is hard to believe we were there for 30 minutes waiting, as it was the best time and the worst time mommy and daddy have ever had in a waiting room in a hospital.

Speaking of beautiful things, here’s a picture of mommy and me sleeping (it was just after midnight):

Published by Baby Barrett, on March 27th, 2009 at 12:22 am.