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In The Beginning…

Well, I finally got myself a website.  That’s one of the basics for life, right?  

  • Eating
  • Excreeting Waste
  • Reproducing
  • Having a Website

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is…well, actually, I don’t know yet.  Apparently it’s something given to me, and my parents don’t know my gender (even though I’ve known for awhile now about that Y chromosome).  They could have found out five months ago, but decided to wait.  So, I don’t have a name.  They do have names ready though:

Male - Adrian Abraham Barrett

Female - Sarah AnnMarie Barrett

They had some other runner up names (Trinity, Maggie, Claire).  Apparently they weren’t too concerned about boy names.

So, back on my mom’s birthday (May 30th, I’m quite sure), mom and dad decided to tell each other they loved each other.  Then something like this happened:

Then this happened:

Then when mommy went to the hospital because she fell, they took my first picture:

So, more about me.  I have five fingers on each hand, and five toes on each foot.  I’m pretty much normal, at least so far.  My heartbeat was in the 150s for awhile, and has just started to drop a little into the 140s.  I’ve got this gooey stuff on me to keep me from getting wrinkled.  Apparently being wet does that to you.  Now that I can hear mommy and daddy when they talk, I can hear the things they learn in the Getting Ready For Baby class they take each Tuesday at the hospital.  I’m getting real smart, learning about Kegels and all sorts of fun stuff.

I’m a little worried though.  I think mom and dad need to get their acts together.  They talk about my room as though it’s not yet painted with my new gender neutral color, all my stuff is on the floor, and I don’t have a crib.  I’m sure they’ll get things organized by the time I work my way into the light.

Well, that’s a good start about me.  I’ll be talking to you soon, and seeing you face to face in a few months!


Published by Baby Barrett, on December 21st, 2008 at 4:34 pm.