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Got Milk…

All was fine, until I had to sneeze in the middle of eating.  Milk went everywhere, including on mommy’s glasses and on my face:

It was a good Presidents’ Day.  I slept well, I ate well, and my waketime went well.  I’m on a pretty good three hour schedule.  I sleep for about four hours each night, feed for 20 minutes, then sleep for another three or four hours.  I’ve allowed mommy and daddy to keep up on their sleep.

The plan for tomorrow morning is my first trip to my pediatrician.  Her name is Doctor Heidi McMillan.  I spent an hour with her the first time I met her in the hospital.  Mommy and daddy got plenty of time to talk with her, and she even gave them her cell phone number and email address if they have any questions.

On Wednesday, I hear that Grandma Ann, Grandma Marie, and Grandpa Jim will be here!  I look forward to spending time with them!

When mommy and I are together in my room, we are always accompanied by Lucy laying at mommy’s feet.  She is constantly there with us to keep us company:

Published by Baby Barrett, on February 16th, 2009 at 8:07 pm.