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Happy Valentine’s Day…

Well, mommy and daddy enjoyed their romantic dinner at Sonic.  But their ice cream machine was broken, so dessert was off the table.  It was my first time in daddy’s car, and my second car trip so far.  While I don’t think we have anymore planned until the doctor visit, the only chance would be if we were to go buy a breast pump.  Then mommy can save up some food and daddy can feed me on occassion.  Today I tried to get food from him, but he has hairy nipples and it didn’t work out too well.  

In embarressing news, I also had a little accident tonight.  The timing of my diaper change and me urinating collided just like particles do in that super-collider in Europe.  And when my urine collided with the diaper change, well, let’s just say you should be somewhere else.  I’ll have to work on my Kegels to be able to stop that stream once it starts.  It was everywhere.

However, before all that happened, daddy took a picture of me in my first Valentines Day shirt:

And here’s a picture of mommy and me on our first day home yesterday:

Published by Baby Barrett, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:25 pm.