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Home Sweet Home…

Well, I got to leave the hospital on Friday the 13th.  I’m finally home.  I gave my first update to the family newsletter today:

Hey there family!  I’m pleased to be writing my first update for the family newsletter.  I’ve got your good looks!  Thank heavens too, have you not seen the Barrett family nose?  It’s a curse – and I dodged it!  Speaking of curses and such, I got to go home on Friday the 13th of all days, and things have been great.  Mommy and daddy have been doing well, I haven’t had much need to fuss, let alone cry.  Give me time, we’ll see how they do.  While mommy is sore, daddy has been doing what he can to support her.  I’ve been spoiled already with outfits from Aunt Annette and Uncle Daniel, Grandpa Jim and Grandma Marie, and sweet cards and loving support from all of you.  I’ve got a great valentine’s day shirt to show off today, so I’m excited for that as well.  So, when’s our first family reunion?  If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out my website at  I look forward to seeing you all, take care and love to all of you!

The plan for today is to show off my cute Valentine’s Day Shirt as mom and dad partake in their annual exquisite dinner: Sonic.  It’s a neat little car-hop place where they bring the food to the car and sometimes they are wearing roller skates.  Apparently, for their first Valentine’s Day, daddy was still recovering from his emergency surgery which put him in the hospital for two weeks, and home for two months.  So, the idea was to go to Sonic, as it allowed mommy and daddy time together, without having to deal with long waits, and they got to wear comfy clothes as they never left the car.  So every year, it has become a tradition.

Daddy got the BabyCam set up in my room, so now they can watch me wherever they are in the world.  It’ll probably soon be opened up so a few other people can watch on the internet as well to see the fun we’re having.

Published by Baby Barrett, on February 14th, 2009 at 11:15 am.